Thursday, January 14, 2010

CRS450ABZ5 Container Reach Stacker


The container reach stacker CRS450ABZ5 is specially designed for the international standard 20' and 40' container and the main purpose of these equipments are used to stack or carry the container in port and ground. Comparing with the standard forklifts, it features maneuverability, easy operation, better stability, lower tyre press, and high stage of stacking and high stacking efficiency. The straddling container work is especially suitable for operation of container in middle-smaller harbor, railway station and road station, it can also be used in the large container port as a assistant equipment.

The reach stacker CRS450ABZ5 consists of heavy-duty chassis, telescopic beam and hanging spreader. The chassis consists of engine, power-shift transmission, front axle, rear axle, steering system, cab, truck frame, counter balance, tyres etc. The telescopic beam consists of telescopic cylinder, beam up-down cylinder, beam support etc. The spreader consists of circumrotating structure, up frame, link frame, base frame, telescopic frame, telescopic cylinder, vibration-avoiding cylinder, side-shift cylinder twist lock cylinder etc.

Source : cmec-hb

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