Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Concrete Mixer Truck

This type of trucks developed the advantages of similar competitive types of trucks in China and abroad, adopted advance technology and strict production process. They have reasonable entire vehicle structure, reliable performance, simple operation and artistic contour.

The characteristics of concrete mixer truck:

1.Varieties are abundant
The chassis which the vehicle use include two big series--domestic and imported products.

2.Advanced design method
Adopt AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, PRO/E and the finite element analysis software, arrange the refit part reasonably, guarantee the quality and the whole vehicle's reliability.

3.The agitate tank has the advanced structure and reasonable design
The shape of the whole tank is like a pear, it can achieve the maximum space use factor. The agitate leaves have the function of three-dimensional agitation. The advanced design of three-dimensional main and auxiliary leaves guarantee the high material speed, good uniform nature, and low vestiges rate. The three main indicators mentioned above have overpass the national standard.

4.The hydraulic system parts are all from world's famous brand, which include BONFIGLIOLI and PMP from Italy, EATON fromUSA, ZF from Germany and so on. The original installation imported hydraulic parts guarantees the reliable performance

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